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You Deserve What You Desire

People's idea of what they deserve can be strictly embroiled in their sense of self worth. Do you really deserve love? Do you really deserve happiness? These are but a couple of questions one may ask oneself while pondering the desires of the heart. Most often, the answer is no. This is because someone may not feel that the things they have or have not done in life match up with the things they most want, and the ability to have and/or achieve them. But here’s the thing: you actually deserve absolutely everything you desire. Everything! There actually isn’t some overall deciding factor or level of anguish or even perfection that you have to live up to in order to get the things you need in life. No tightrope you have to expertly walk across. There’s no ideal you must be. All you have to do is desire. Deserving and desire go hand in hand. They’re an unbreakable team, thank goodness! Whether or not the thing or things you desire most manifest depends on two things: your level of belief, and your level of effort. If you believe what you want is possible and put forth the work to ascertain it, surely it will be so. The next time you think of something you want don’t think you can’t have it. Try to go beyond the pattern of disbelief and see yourself achieving said goal, or gaining whatever you wish for. I’m here to tell you it truly is possible, and yes, you do deserve it.  

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