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Progress Not Perfection

Many times in life we thwart ourselves before even attempting something. Having the ideology that perfection is the key can create a double edged sword. On the one side we plunge forward, seeking perfection, but are increasingly dissatisfied. The other side of the sword represents our inability to begin because we think we are not perfect enough or our actions will not result in flawlessness. Neither of these perspectives yields happiness or contentment. Do you know why? Because perfection is impossible. So you’re always seeking something which can never be achieved. This leads to negative emotional responses; such as anxiety, self hatred, doubt, and others. The goal then is to forge on actively seeking progress instead of the unmitigated. If you turn your attention to progress you are suddenly able to relax. Not only that, you are able to verify the steps that you’ve taken which you may not have been able to see before, because your vision and self analysis was blinded by the thought of perfection. Focusing on progress allows you to actually enjoy yourself, and to see yourself.  

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