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Have Faith in Yourself

Today is suicide prevention day, worldwide. The fact that this issue is so widespread that it is a day that needs to be recognized worldwide should tell you something. I’m going to speak about a key element that’s essential to understanding how to go on with life when you have difficulty in doing so: FAITH. The picture above encapsulates so much and can mean something different to each person. It could mean that God is the Ultimate (which he is) and the way to getting better, to things getting better. But that’s not what this post or the pic is about. This is about you. Specifically, you having faith in YOU. Please don’t get me wrong, God is the will and the way. But what of you? You that feels so small, so insignificant at times? Well… I’m here to tell you that in order for anything to work you’ve got have faith in yourself! So often we put all our faith in God and instill none of it in ourselves. Thus, we still flounder and feel crippling sadness or hopelessness. You’ve gotta smile at yourself, see yourself, and believe in yourself in order to prevail. It’s tough, but believe you me, IT. IS. DOABLE. So on this worldwide suicide prevention day take a moment to recognize yourself. Things may be tough right now but look how far you’ve come. God saw you through but you, YOU, had to believe and push through to get to where you are today. Have faith in yourself, warriors.  

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