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Fighting Ageism

Let’s just say it: Ageism is rampant, not only in America, but in the world. Ageism is discrimination and bias based on a person's age. It can also lead to stereotyping. Ageism has played out for quite some time, but it’s rampant now. Social media is making ageism all the more popular. And it needs to stop. I recently saw a post on The Shade Room about a female rapper who has a new hit single out. The comments were not disturbing. They were downright ugly. People said things like calling the rapper out of her name, saying she needs to sit down and discontinue her career, how she just isn’t hot anymore, and more. The one thing all the comments had in common is ageism. This talented performer got railroaded all because of two digits-her age. This society is so apt to just throw people and their efforts away simply because of how young or old they are. Why does a number get to dictate your path in life, or who you are? I'm here to tell you: it doesn’t.  

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