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NYFW 2019 Standout

All I can say is Tom Ford brought the wood AND the fire to NYFW! Ford’s collection was a mixture of feminine seventies sleekness, with a pop of 90’s cool. Sounds like a lot in one package, doesn’t it? Yet somehow Tom Ford made it all work in the most harmonious manner.  

He did this by utilizing a keen eye and merging one aspect of each time frame together with an overall image of power. A slightly over large tuxedo outline turned into femme sexy once elements of satin were added in. Or, for instance, we saw lots of pops of lace, bringing in that 90’s, I’m so cooly confident I can wear lingerie as outerwear, but be deliciously comfy, vibe. The elements of lace effectively softened each look. And don’t get me started on the use of headscarves! Ford used the scarves to finish off the look; really to bring it all together, in a I’m ready for both the riviera and the office kinda way. The headgear was toned down, and surprisingly thin. Perfect for throwing one on just before you walk out the door. Not only was there a ton of great looks from the designer, there was a range of hues in terms of skin tones, too. Gotta love a designer that sees beauty in diversity. Come back for more style insight as NYFW progresses!  

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