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The One Clothing Item You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s a typical summer day. The heat is sweltering and everyone is talking about how it’s only going to get hotter as the day progresses. The humidity is at an all time high and you’ve got not one but three events to go to. You’ll be gone from late morning to late evening. The question is what on earth do you wear for such situations? The perfect outfit of choice is the caftan. You literally can’t go wrong. Not only are caftans available in a wide variety of styles, you can get them in a ton of different fabrics. So you can buy whatever suits your bodily needs. Let’s say you have a situation like I’ve outlined above, you’ll need to put on something that’s chic, but can also carry you through different types of affairs. One affair might be black tie while another might be brunch. The awesome thing about caftans is that they can literally be worn to anything. All you’d need to do is (possibly) change your accessories. And most times you don’t even need to do that. The caftans versatility is limitless. Wearing one means you can easily flow from one thing to another, including the changes in weather, and still be tastefully dressed, and elegant to boot. The piece that I’m wearing in my pics was chosen because I loved the brightness of the colors and the playful patterns. The true vividness of the red was awesome, while the other added colors allowed me to play with my accessory combinations. It was perfect for a fun and festive pool party that I attended. I was able to be in the sun and heat and still manage to look and be cool.  

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