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Daiya Vegan Mac and Cheese

This non dairy eating woman is officially tired of watching others eat the yumminess that is mac and cheese. There, I said it. I’m tired, tired, tired of basically drooling when my friends order loaded mac and cheese options at restaurants, the mall; and don’t even get me started with sitting helplessly by as my family tucks into homemade, utterly cheesy, ridiculously scrumptious cheesy mac during the holidays.  

Well, today I got tired of swooning over others’ plates and I decided to make myself the new Daiya vegan Mac and cheese. I opted for the white cheddar version because that’s the flavor you literally always see at restaurants. I figured no better way to test the yum factor of something than to put it up against the typical best. So I embarked on a cheesy journey. The Daiya mac comes with noodles, dried veggies (peas and carrots), and a packet of “cheese”. Basically it’s a lot like your average velveeta mac. Oh how I miss you Velveeta. You creamy, savory, well intended… Wait. I digress. Okay back on task! Making this Daiya dish is super easy peasy. You boil water, pour in the noodles, cook for seven minutes, drain, stir in the “cheese” and voila. Yumminess. Or so I thought. Turns out it tasted more like the “cheese” gave it the good fight, but didn’t quite win. I’m not even really sure how to explain how it tastes, except that it tastes like a cheese version of cheese that really, really tried to be cheese. It’s not that the products tastes bad, it’s more like it’s an imposter, and you can tell. There’s a bit of an aftertaste that says “Yeah. This isn’t cheese.” In essence, it tastes processed to the utmost. I tried eating the cheesy mac but just couldn’t get through it. I can see where others would like this food and dive right in, and enjoy themselves in a state of food comfort bliss. I just couldn’t get there with this one. Let me know what your thoughts are on Daiya Mac and cheese. Till next time, have an awesome one, warriors 

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