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The Best Colored Mascara

As a woman of color with dark lashes it can be very difficult to find a colored mascara that delivers on its promise to… ya know, COLOR my dang lashes to the Gods! But ladies, believe me when I tell you that I’ve found just the mascara for adding some serious color to your peepers: Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Color Blast Mascara in Purple. When I tell you this mascara delivers. Oh my glittering goodness, does it ever! I was invited to a friends birthday picnic (which turned out to be the loveliest Marie Antoinette Petit Trianon feeling party ever!) and thought that since we were required to wear all white clothing, that I’d add in a pop of color on my eyes. Just a little something to further express my individuality and still remain the colorful cutie I am. Enter Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Color Blast Mascara in purple. I literally only put on one coat of mascara to get the punch of color I needed. Most of the time with colored lash products you have to put on at least three coats, even in the hopes that it’ll show up at all. Not so with this Miss Color Blast. She showed up ready to party with the big girls! And she made my lashes perfectly flutter ready. Wanna know the best thing? The mascara didn’t make my lashes crunchy nor was it hard to remove. AND it wasn’t waterproof but it still didn’t run! My contacts were safe and eyes weren’t irritated at all. This is always a concern for sensitive eye’d people like me. There was only one snafu-it didn’t exactly do anything for my lashes except color them. So, not much length or volume was added. But, if it’s color you want, it’s color you’re going to get. If you’re looking to be a part of the current 80’s resurgence or just wanna have some lash fun, try Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Color Blast Mascara.  

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