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Leadership is such a strong word that can bring to mind so many ideas, depending on the point-of-view. To me, leadership is about what you choose to do with your God given talents and abilities, and if you are using them in a positive way, to the utmost. It’s one thing to complain, to dream, and to wish things in this world could be different, or better. It is most certainly another to get out of your comfort zone and off your couch, and get out and make things happen. Dreams don’t work unless you do! THAT is what leadership entails: putting your efforts where your mouth is. In order to lead you’ve got to have a strong belief for what you’re fighting for, and in yourself. You’ve got to be willing to put in the long hours, adhering to dedication, and sacrifice. Grit makes leaders. Staying and standing strong makes leaders. But, above all, love makes leaders. 

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