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Fall Nail Art

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve been having a fabulous fall season thus far. To celebrate the fall season and the coming of thanksgiving I did this fun take on nail art. This particular look is all about the beautiful plumage outdoors around this time. The falling leaves served as inspiration to serve up some serious nailporn. The best part of fall is the array of colors that the season brings. It’s like Mother Nature decided to have a party and each tree dresses up to the nines and uses the streets as the runway. The end result each year is truly breathtaking! 

I used OPI Baguette Me Not and In My Back Pocket, as well as Essie luxeffects number 962, and Sally Hansen Dream Sequins number 320. In My Back Pocket served as the base for this nail look, and I used Baguette Me Not as an accent color, with the Essie and Sally Hansen for art. 

I really wanted the colors of the base polishes to be harmonious, even blending to perfection. I feel like they really did a good job in that regard. Then I wanted the gold and copper tones of the glitter to be almost like a falling leaves effect. That’s why the gold glitter is sort of swirled. 

I hope you like this look! Please feel free to share your looks with us at Eternal Women and let us know what you think of my fall nail look.

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