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Ms Black Fit and Fine Pageant

The Eternal Women staff had the pleasure and honor of attending the first annual Ms Black Fit and Fine pageant in Southfield, Michigan. What makes the Ms Black Fit and Fine pageant stand out is its main requirement is that each contestant be at least 50 years old. This is to ensure the pageant's mission which is “to reduce the number of unhealthy African-American women” and to show that being healthy is a lifestyle. Queens such as Eternal Women’s own Otaymah Bonds, and competitors in the upcoming Miss Michigan pageant for Miss America pageant systems, were in attendance to show solidarity and support.

Contestants had preliminary competitions earlier in the year, as well as the week leading up to the final event day. The ladies competed in fitness, talent, evening wear, and interview, and took part in charity events as well. Audience members were wowed by the women's abilities, as they shone brilliantly doing everything from balancing on fitness balls to ballroom dancing. One fabulous lady even did a comedic monologue about women's changing bodies and menopause. Topics discussed included why the women decided to take part in the pageant, as well as what their legacy is for younger women in terms of health. 

Here are the top ten: 

The final winner was Ms Rene’ Thomas:  

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