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The Brutally Honest Review of Fenty Beauty

So Rihanna launched her new beauty line and the world exploded from its greatness due to inclusivity. JK, but I might not be…Fenty Beauty has to be one of the most clever (downright cunning) launches ever. For starters, you couldn't even get on the site unless you signed up to be an email subscriber. That in and of itself was pure marketing genius! Then, Rihanna does different launches. Mind currently still blown! What do I mean? Fenty Beauty gives what were told would be a sneak peek at the line the day before, but only after announcing said peek the day before the sneak peek. Then it turns out the sneak peek is actually Rihanna back in the glorious color of yellow she wears so well, discussing the importance of inclusivity in the beauty world and in her line. SWOON! She honestly had us right then and there. Now the sneak peek is on eastern standard time and the time zone was announced. But the actual launch the following day, on Friday, September 8, at midnight was actually on pacific time. So myself and many, many others were on the computer ready to glance at the goodies only to see a timer on the clock saying we still had three hours till the official launch. Like, literally that's how we all figured out it was pacific time. (We were all on Instagram chatting with each other, like “Is this right or is it just me? Is it pacific time? Oh gawd!) Well this forced all of us to stay up until 3am, which of course we did. It's Rihanna, duh. At 3am the site is so overpopulated there was over 11 thousand people ahead of me. I went on Instagram to see if all was well and came back to the site. Mind you the site is still up in my internet browser, and I'm on my iPad, so usually no problems jumping to various places and sites. Well, that was a big mistake. Huge. Because then there were 20 thousand people ahead of me. Pretty nice of her to let you know your place in the line  though right?

So I couldn't commit to waiting on thousands of people so I got up bright and early and went to Sephora and broadcast the Fenty Beauty Launch live, naturally. Let me tell you! It was MARVELOUS! There are 40 shades of foundations. FORTY! They range from warm to neutral versions, through cool. There are shadow sticks, or facial and body sticks, because they can be used everywhere. And the highlighter… that highlighter! Baaaaaaaby! You will know why they call them killawatt. They are explosive! So. Much. Pigment. Gah! So. Much. Shine. Gah gah! Now onto critiques of the line: The match sticks kinda didn't know what they were. They were too light at times to be a cheek color. IDK, it's like they want to fully come out and play on the skin but can't. The standout is Blonde, a beautiful gold. That one was brilliant. Here's a pic of me trying the orange match stick that I oh so desperately wanted to be blush. It. Just. Didn't. Work. It's like it was confused. But how cool is it that the match sticks are magnetized? Totally cool. That's why we played with them repeatedly. They're just so purse friendly. 

Next up was a swatch comparison for Blonde by Fenty Beauty. I just kinda felt like I had something in that color, so I went home and grabbed a couple things, then came back and swatched (committed!). Lo and behold, here is Blonde, Bare Minerals True Gold, Bare Minerals Joy, from top to bottom. 

The race was too close, so close that I decided not to shell out another $20 on Fenty. While I do think Rihanna nailed a true yellow gold, Bare Minerals did their thing too. 

Next up are the foundation categorizations: the neutrals are WAAAAY warm yo, and they oxidize. So take heed of that, but trust, you WILL find one in your needed color. While I loved the highlighters I did feel that they were rather slim, as in give me some more product honey. And they're very fragile. They have to be handled with care, because while they're silky smooth, they fall apart far too easily, leading to a world beyond fallout. Also, I'm sorry I'm not sorry, but not many brands can contend with Wet N Wild Megaglow’s. Rihanna is trying it but a few of her highlighters still pale in comparison, and a few look so strikingly similar that I'll keep my Wet N Wild for that best good $4.99, thanks. Here's a swatch comparing Wet N Wild to Fenty Beauty, in order from top to bottom: Top is wet n wild crown of my canopy Fenty Moscow mule Fenty Ginger binge Fenty Chic phreak Fenty Girl next door  

The gloss bomb was way too generic. I know Rihanna said she worked really hard to find a universal color everyone could wear, it was too… too… ordinary. I mean, we've seen this color so much before, and it's just so sheer. It's weird to have such a punchy in your face line with great colors then a rather dull lippie. Maybe if they'd have put out a louder, opaque color too? It just doesn't blow my mind, at all. Just another rose colored super sheer. Almost like she HAD to have at least one lippie so why not that one? The final grade for Fenty Beauty is an A or four and a half stilleto nails. Why? Because there literally is something for everyone and it was a very bold, inclusive makeup endeavor. The only reason it didn't get an A+ is because both the color sticks (they're confused) and the KillaWatt Metal Moon just didn't deliver. Let us now what you think of Fenty Beauty. Till next time. All things women, thus all things warrior, Eternal Women  

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