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Fenty Beauty is coming for All the Wigs

We can hardly contain ourselves because FENTY BEAUTY IS COMING!!! Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's makeup line, will go global September 8th at Sephora. 

So literally at midnight you can go and grab all the Fenty goodies. But wait, there's more: There's going to be a preview tonight at 7:15pm ET on the book of Face (Facebook). Yes, of course we will be there sharing in all that is made up and holy with you. Thus far we've gathered these insights on the line. Ready? Let's glow!

The packaging looks like spray paint art of the 80's and we are here for it. Also, as many have asked, the line is indeed cruelty free. So no totally adorable bunnies were harmed in the making of anything Fenty Beauty. 

Here are three glorious shades... Trophy Wife, Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule. 

And Rihanna's celebratory cover of Elle Magazine, celebrating her makeup line victory (surely). 

Here's the beauty line in full view. It looks to be quite minimalist and modern in its approach. 

We can't wait to see all there is for this line. The advertising alone has given us goosebumps simply because of how diverse the models are. We're talking all shades of the rainbow and all body shapes. Can you say inclusivity? 

Eternal Women will be keeping you posted on all that Fenty Beauty has to offer. We will be on hand live tweeting and Facebooking for tonight's live event, as well as at the Sephora stores bright and early giving you full on view of all the products. 

All things women, thus all things warrior,

Eternal Women 

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