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Newest Nail Trend: Chrome Nails

Have you seen the latest nail trend yet? It's chrome nails. Now I know some of you may be thinking that chrome nails aren't new at all, but hear me out. These aren't just any chrome nails. We are taking super, happy unicorn level shiny. These babies will literally reflect you like you're looking in a mirror. As in, you look at them and you can see your face. Check them out below.

See what I mean (pun fully intended). These nails look like something you'd see in a fancy mermaid dream. How are they achieved? That's where things get interesting. You can only achieve this look by using special chrome powders and gel base, top coats, and curing lamp; like from Nails 21. Also, the powders are extremely messy, so you may want to use a latex barrier around the nail cuticle area. But, you just put on gel base coat, gel polish, chrome powder, then gel top coat, sealing at each step, and voila: uber shiny happy nails. Am I going to try this trend? Why, of course I am! I've been seeking out an uber shiny chrome since kingdom come, and the best I got was Essie polishes while Essie is the bee's knees, this is definitely worth a try, at least. Have you tried new chrome nails? Did you love or hate them? How many stiletto nails would you give them?

Later Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator

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