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How To Be A Queen

A lot of ladies ask me how to be seen as a queen, or how I got to be so confident? Or, why I even started being a motivational speaker and pageant queen. To them I pose the questions below. Buckle up because it's going to take some tough self-analyzation to get to queendom. Answering these questions means you are serious about becoming a better you, the Queen you are intended to be in life.

1.Queenin is a state of mind: Do you see yourself as royalty? Right now? Today? Trust and believe that not a single a person will hold you in a high esteem if you don't hold yourself there first.

2.Queenin is a matter of perception: Do you see yourself as worthy of acknowledgement? What's your median for self praise?

3. Queenin is the ultimate state of self love: Do you actively give yourself props for each and every single thing you do, or do you beat yourself up then wonder why others don't ‘see you’? Are you as kind to yourself as you are to others? Are you kind to yourself at all?

4. Queenin is a lifestyle: Are you treating your body with the utmost respect? Do you perpetually feed your body horrible foods, yet expect shiny skin and a healthy outcome? Do you exercise everyday? Do you pamper yourself?

5. Queenin is about female upliftment: Be honest with yourself about is you are actually a hater. Do you constantly talk about that girls? Tear them down? Get mad when friends or family don't take your advice because you think you know best?

The first step to becoming a queen is to work on you, then you can begin to change the world. Take the time to answer these questions and get to know yourself and the things you need to work on a lot more. Feel free to share some of your thoughts with me and the Queenin and Glamour Gladiator community. Give yourself a round of spirit fingers just for starting this process. It means you want a better life. You go girl!

Later Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator

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