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Thanksgiving Nails

Hello my lovely Warriors,

As a celebration of holiday festivities and love I've chosen to don nails that scream thanksgiving. How so? By being in between warm and cool, light and dark, just like the climate for Thanksgiving this year, both literally and figuratively. The weather can't decide if it's still summer, yet the timeline of the year says it's time to break bread and give thanks with family and friends. 

This years holiday themed nails are perfect for celebrating and showing you're in the spirit, while being polished and professional. OPI's Freedom of Peach lies somewhere between a neutral and an orange. It's perfect for the career women in the corporate office, or for someone who wants a twist on a classic neutral look. The new color, Freedom of Peach, is from the newest Olivia Pope inspired collection from OPI. Like one of my favorite tv characters, Olivia Pope, Freedom of Peach is a mixture of classic but with a warm yet fiery touch. I love it!

On behalf of Eternal Women, we wish you and yours a glorious holiday season, and gorgeous nails. 


The Glamour Gladiator 

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