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Taraji P Henson and Jussie Smollett to be in MAC Viva Glam Campaign 

This is the best beauty news ever! It seems that Taraji and Jussie Smollett are to be the faces of the next MAC Viva Glam campaign! They are releasing a vibrant fuschia pink lipstick and lipglass lipgloss that are being launched in February 2017. I for one will be getting said lipstick and can. Not. Wait! 

MAC Viva Glam is such a great cause as every cent goes toward HIV and AIDS research and those who live with the disease. It's so good that Taraji and Jussie are giving of themselves to help others. It's also great to know that MAC is highly reputable in that any and all monies given via purchase go exactly where it's supposed to go. 

Later Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator   

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