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One shirt three Halloween costumes 

It's the aftermath of Halloween 2016 and I thought that now that the occasion has ended this is the perfect time to do a post with details on my Halloween outfits. I ended up doing three separate costumes for this Halloween, 2016: a Rosie the Riveter, a cat, and Queens of Hearts from Alice in wonderland. This year I thought it would be an awesome challenge to style the same shirt theee different ways, and show the versatility of red lipstick by showcasing three different types. Let's breakdown each look and Day.

In Saturday, October 29th I had the esteemed pleasure of volunteering with the Yankee Air Museum (YAM) Rosie the Riveters. The YAM is a historical fixture in the Detroit area because it's where real female riveters worked during WWII. Both my great gandmother and grandmother were riveters. Thus, I often volunteer to save the YAM, since it was actually the plant they worked at, and to pay homage to my history and American history Overall. It's my way of being patriotic and giving back to my ancestors and the country we serve(d).

For this outfit I wore my red and black hearted tank, but I had it on as accent underneath my riveters jumper. For my hair makeup I did two large twists, perfect 1940’s fashion, and red glitter eyeshadow by MAC, it felt like the vintage lipstick by MAC in Ruby Woo was perfect for this occasion, and Elf Rose blush. Because I was wearing my Ms Detroit crown and sash, I opted to don my riveter Red and white polka dot bandana as a choker. I simply couldn't be without that signature accessory and I thought what better way to wear it than to fashion it in a new light.

The YAM Rosie's and I worked at Briarwood Mall for their annual Boo Bash giving out candy, posters, flyers, and stickers with the YAM information on it. It was a splendid event where more than 3000 people attended! It was great to discuss the history of America, the Yankee Air Museum, and my American Royal Beauties pageant system! My fellow Rosie's and I had a great time and even got to take a picture on bales of hay!

On Sunday, October 30, I volunteered at the Detroit Unity in the Community (DUIC) Girl Scouts of America recruitment Halloween party. DUIC is a non profit organization that is working in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of America to bring more educational workshops and activities to the inner city and metropolitan Detroit area. This gathering served as the first for the DUIC and Girl Scouts collaboration. Over 300 people came out! This was more than a recruitment event, there were games, a class, and even a costume fashion show that the children participated in. Four girls even earned their first badge right there on the spot for the tremendous work they did!

My look for that evening was fun for me since I've never been a cat for Halloween before. I chose this costume because I figured it would be something the kids would recognize and enjoy. Needless to say I had to be on guard for them chasing my cat-tail all evening. It was a hoot! For this night of fun adventure with the kiddies I wore the products and look below. I wanted to be a cat that was convincing, but I also wanted to be kind of mischievous looking, so I didn't want my makeup to be quite so perfect. Of course I finished the look with a bold cat eye!

So many came out to this event! It was an awesome community upliftment moment!

On Halloween I wore my MUCH anticipated Queen of Hearts costume; which I purchased mostly from the Icing and Claire's. For this look I wanted my face to be pretty yet sinister. To achieve this I used the same MAC Red glitter pigment but I added it to my moisturizer to cast a very warm glow to my skin, that was mystical and haunting. The products I used are below.

I've wanted to be Queen of Hearts forever! I just love that character. She's so strong and self assured and I think a bit misunderstood. Plus I just like the idea of being the queen of all hearts.

Last but not least I cannot forget my nails. I opted to do a multi dimensional look with various hues of the classic Halloween colors of purple and orange.

This Halloween was definitely one to remember with all the great community service and outreach, AND all the brilliant costume changes. I had a royal ball! I hope you all enjoyed the fun fashion holiday as well.

Later Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator 

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