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Jasmine Tookes is to Wear the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

Congratulations to Jasmine Tookes for the news that she'll be wearing the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra! There is so much going in in this recent news that is beyond awesome. Let's spill the perfume on this subject:

1. There have only been three brown girls to even don the Fantasy Bra in the history of the Victoria's Secret brand (eye roll emoji). The three brown girls are: Tyra Banks in 2004, Selita Ebanks in 2007, and now, Jasmine Tookes.

2. Jasmine is utterly gorgeous and uber friendly. I just love her upbeat, bubbly personality. It's awesome that someone who loves fashion and her job so much gets to wear the $3 million dollar piece. It's a remarkable feat for the model seeing as she just became a Victoria's Secret angel in 2015!

3. Tookes and the Victoria's Secret brand have reached another major milestone: The brand is putting out pictures of the model that have not been retouched. This is major in terms of the new body positivity movement! It's quite astounding and uplifting that Jasmine(and the brand might I add) agreed to post pics of herself as she truly is. Five stiletto nails for her and a high five! The stretch marks on the model's posterior are a welcome change from the heavily photoshopped and airbrushed photos that are generally used. This marks a phenomenal change in the fashion world.

4. This Fantasy Bra for this year has gone beyond its usual greatness, and is made out of 9,000 emeralds and diamonds. How spectacular is that? Very. Kapow!

This is what Tookes had to say on the subject:

The Victoria's Secret show airs December 5, 2016 at 10 pm. Be sure to watch it for all the lingerie glamour the eye can behold.

Till next time my Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator

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