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The Latest Nail Trend: Succulent Nails 

Succulent Nails are the latest thing to take the nail world by storm. Nails, nail polish, and nail art are all constantly evolving to include different techniques, technologies, and styles. The beauty craze of the moment, succulent Nails, are another adventure in the nail art genre. So just what are succulent Nails? Nails made out of succulents, of course! Lol. Let me break the new look down for you…

Crafty nail mavens usually paint succulents like this one from the awesome blog Parlor Diary

Look a little more familiar? Succulents are fat plants. Fat plants that have some parts that are thick and fleshy; although the whole of the plant may not be thick or fleshy. The plants are fleshy so as to retain water in different conditions. Think cactus, aloe, asparagus…

An Arizona artist named Roz Borg decided to take botany a step further and implant actual plants on her nail beds. And voila, a new nail trend is born.

Be aware that parts of the plant may break off as you wear them. They also continue to grow while worn. Due to these two things, I'll be viewing this trend from afar. Besides, I've never had a green thumb. Hardy har har! And cue drums. Lol.

Later Warriors 

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