A Day in the Life of A Blogger: Corsettery Waist Training Corset

A Day in the Life of A Blogger: Corsettery Waist Trainer Corset Arrival: https://youtu.be/XiYVHsqL9Ps (Vlog Link)

A day in the life of a blogger: I started doing a new series where I give everyone an inside look at what it's like to be a blogger. I literally take you into a day in the life of a blogger. Come with me as I open packages, discuss blogging issues, and more! 

For this vlog episode I am opening what I suspect to be my new waist training Corset from Corsettery. I also get into what A Day in the Life of A Blogger is all about and my group: Black Women Waist Train... Take a peek inside and share the excitement with me! 

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Link to buy: http://corsettery.com/?product=real-steel-boned-underbust-underwear-corset-from-transparent-mesh-and-cotton-real-waist-training-corset-for-tight-lacing or Corsettery.com

Black Women Waist Train Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Black-Women-Waist-Train-521109738084363/

Please join the page and the group! The group and page are open to all races, nationalities; I'm just bringing awareness to the fact that black Women Waist Train as well!  Come share in the journey and share your experiences while learning. 

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