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Vogue Endorses Hilary Clinton 

In a landmark colossal event in fashion history: Vogue Magazine has endorsed Hilary Clinton! Why is this such a pivotal thing you may ask? Because Vogue does not endorse anyone, EVER. 

Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue and ruler of all things fashion (outside of us bloggers, more on that battle between Vogue and bloggers later) has never publicly stated her views nor has she ever linked the magazine to any one political person, let alone someone who is running for POTUS. So when Wintour endorsed Hilary Clinton all ears and eyes perked up.

Some are calling the move to back Clinton rash and outside of the scope of the magazine. Those who feel this way have openly expressed their dislike for the move and unsubscribed from the publication. Others see the backing of Clinton as a historical moment, as this is the first time there has been a female presidential hopeful who has gotten this far.

Wintour has this to say about it:

"We understand that Clinton has not always been the perfect candidate, yet her fierce intelligence and considerable experience are reflected in policies and positions that are clear, sound, and hopeful." "Two words give us hope: Madam President" -Anna Wintour/Vogue Magazine 

What do you think about this rare turn of events? 

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