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The Secret to Hair Growth

Hello fashionistas!

Let's face it, we are now in the age of the social media savvy. Along with this social media frenzy comes those who have vlogs, blogs, channels, and article upon article about the secrets of hair care. With so much readily available information it can be difficult to determine who to follow and which methods will work for you. What's a career driven woman who is actively striving to be a girl boss to do? Let me offer you the number one way to grow your hair: LISTEN TO YOUR STYLIST!

Although there are tons upon tons of products and the like flooding your feed, we've forgotten the people or person who holds valuable keys: your hair stylist. While there are those on the information highway who state they hold the keys to growth, nothing can refute good old knowledge from both school and experience. What does stylist knowledge offer you? Hair designers give you hours, and often years of learning and technique across varied hair types.

While bloggers such as myself know our own hair, we may not know hair itself. That's where the merging of the two worlds of hair dressers and blogger merge. On my quest to better understand my own hair in both its natural and chemically tested state of the past I happened upon Bad Boy Hair. When I saw happened upon I really mean painstaking research as to who to follow and listen to.

Bad Boy Hair (pictured above) may look like the protypical bad boy next door but he's... no wait, he is the prototypical bad boy next door. Except he's the bad boy who revolutionizes Hair knowledge and goes against the status quo in helping you understand the crown atop your head. Bad Boy is changing the hair industry game by offering a hair information highway. He's more than a stylist, Bad Boy is a brand literally on the road to help all of us understand our stands. He's developed a literal tour (when I said on the road I meant it) that will be in every major city in the nation, and the tour is all about your hair and getting it, finally!

The structure of the classes/workshops offered include but are not limited to:

*Home maintenance regimes

*Product knowledge

*Care and growth

*Confidence coaching

And for stylists there's even how to make yourself a hairstylist success, including building wealth in the industry!

You name it and he covers it!

Need proof? See the above picture. This woman literally had the longest hair I've ever seen on an African American woman. The picture I've included is after she got a haircut! Bad Boy has been doing her hair for years, thus proving his hair flex! Also at the classes were a wide range of stylists, there to lend their help and know-how. Did I mention there spanned the color scheme?

There's no onesided-ness at Bad Boy. If you've got hair, you've got knowledge in how to do it! Wanna hear more badass-ness? Bad Boy and his team were even doing hair while teaching a full crowd! At one point Bad Boy was even in the styling chair himself while the client stood, so he could style her hair from all angles! Bad ass! Need I say more? Nah. I'm going to follow in the bad ones footsteps and say come to class and learn to be a hair baddie yourself!

Bad Boy contact info:


@BadBoyHair on Instagram

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