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Detroit Design Festival

(Pictured above is Dollface lippie in Teal)

I recently had the immense pleasure of attending the Light Up Livernois Detroit Fashion Event 2016. This particular event is put on by the Detroit Design Festival and this marks the organizations third year of hosting the epic night. Light Up Livernois really is a major stepping stone to the realization of making Detroit a fashion capital once again.

Light Up Livernois takes place on Livernois Avenue, from 7 mile to 8 mile.  Livernois Ave is also known as the Avenue of Fashion.

There are quite a few independent shops, boutiques, chain stores, art locations, and beauty locals along this historic street. For this showcase there was live music, fashion shows, and DJ's. Also, there were dancers and models garbed in classic 20's attire, and performed swing dance. Makeup artists gave samples and demonstrations as well.

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