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How to Get Organized

Chanel-O Warriors! I'm back at cha with THE number one way to get organized: let me introduce you to the products that are about to become your beauty best friend-The Beauty Butler. When I tell you this line is no joke, I mean it. 

Recently I've been more than overwhelmed with everything that's been going on. My parents were seriously ill and hospitalized, then I got hospitalized and was sick, AND I was trying to relaunch my blog, doing all the research for that and trying different things; and did I mention I went to NYFW? Yeah, I've been extremely busy! But now I'm grasping my life with both hands and ready to get organized. 

I had the great chance at meeting the actual Beauty Butler (Greg and his lovely wife Danielle) and was given the opportunity to try, and review their products. I figured there is no time like the present. The Beauty Butler sent me their products and I've got the biggest pile of get it together going on, sooooo... Join me on my quest at organization! 

Here's the extra efficient products and the state of my makeup life right now:

Gasp... LET'S DO THIS! 

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