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Gigi Hadid Girl Power 

BREAKING NEWS: Miss #GigiHadid got lifted up after a show in #Milan by a cray 'fan' but he got something he didn't expect. He got those 👊🏽👊🏽💪🏽 How's that for fashion news?! Ha! I KNOW this guy didn't think he was gonna put his hands between Gigi's legs, lift her up, try to carry her off, and he was gonna get away with it? Um, no. 

The 'fan' ran really quickly after Gigi delivered him by way of those hands. The only thing is where was her bodyguard? Why wasn't she defended by the person paid to protect her? Instead both Gigi and her sister, Bella, got the 'fan' off of her. Here's the thing, these are new days and times and We. Are. Gladiators. Please don't think #girlpower is just a phrase! 

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