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Networking at New York fashion week

*Pictured here with none other than Fashions Guy NY, Chris Collie*

It's all here: the glitz, the cameras' blinding flash, loads of beautiful people, even more loads of sustainable fashion; that's why we came to NYFW right? While I'm sure some came for the sole purpose of viewing the fabulous couture, but for those serious about the fashion business, and namely their business, NYFW is about networking. The thing about it is there couldn't be a more ideal place to cast a wider net. Everywhere you look there are influencers and the who's who of the business. So how do you break through to them? What do you do? You talk.

That's what networking is in a nutshell-talking. Talking and absolute preparedness. In order to speak to the right people it's important to know that you've literally got thirty seconds to get your point across. Perfect elevator pitch anyone? No pressure...

Networking anywhere really is about knowing your brand and how to sell it. It's about be prepared with business cards or info, and a slamming site. Other than that you just work the room.

The great thing about being a consistent face at any fashion forum is that you run into others whom you already know. And we all know how good it is to actually know someone else in the room. Or, in this case the realm, fashion realm that is... This NYFW I was so happy to run into familiar faces, because it meant that we are all still out here striving, and that our love of dress hadn't died down. It's also nice to run into someone you know because you can bounce positive energy off of one another. Trust me, energy is something that's in short supply at NYFW or any fashion week. Fashion weeks allow you to turn networking into acquaintances, and acquaintances into lifelong friendships.

Later gladiators,


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