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Chile, let's make putting on lashes as easy as possible. That’s our aim and that’s what this Finna Be Lit Felt Tip Lash Adhesive Glue Pen does. The last thing you need when aiming to get out the door and be it, is a lash application slowing you down. Our felt tip lash glue makes lash application quick, easy, and beautiful, in one swoop. Go on out there and be lit!

Finna Be Lit Felt Tip Lash Adhesive Glue Pen

  • Apply along the lash line, generously. There is no need to wait for the lash glue to dry. Lash may be placed on the glue immediately. May be used like regular eyeliner.

    For external use only.


    *Be sure to put on an adequate amount, based upon the length and width of the lash.

    *Oily skin may require more product or reapplication later in the day.

    *Store upside down, vertically, with the top downward, to avoid the product drying out.

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