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Galaxy Eyes

There is no doubt about it-Galaxy eyes are out of this world. If you enjoy the skyline or even revel in the beauty of this solar system, this new eye look is something you might like to try. Inspiration comes from the harmonious bursts of color from beyond the planet earth. It is up to you how you interpret the look. Giving way to immense ways to express makeup as art.

What is more beautiful than the way nature represents itself? We can take inspiration from the estimated 170 billion galaxies. Billion! The inspiration for my look is here:

After shifting through various galaxies, like the Helix Nebula and Eagle Nebula. Ultimately, I chose this beautiful one, with deep violet, bright yellows and golds, vibrant pinks. To create the look I used all MAC products and even made my own lashes, embellished with stars.

MAC Cosmetics Products used:

Starry night eyeshadow

Pantherized Dazzleshadow liquid

Bronze shimmer lipstick

3D silver glitter

Flash and dash Dazzleshadow liquid

Fuchsia pigment

Painterly paint pot

Omega eyeshadow

Da Bling eyeshadow

Ready to Party eyeshadow

Brushblack liquid liner

Graphblack kohl eyeliner

Gemz and roses retro matte liquid lip colour


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