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Cheesy Potatoes

We know that everyone has been inside and wanting to indulge in comfort foods. So we thought we’d create an awesome cooking tutorial for you that combines comforting foods. Here is all the cheesy goodness sans the guilt.

The ingredients are super simple and the cooking time is uber fast:

1 tablespoon dairy free butter

2 tablespoons dairy free cheese (we love shredded Go Veggie)

1 large tortilla

1 can of diced potatoes or 1 large potato

1.Warm skillet up on medium for three minutes

2.Melt dairy free butter in skillet and circulate around the entire skillet, covering the entire area. 3.Sautee the large tortilla on both sides.

4.Add dairy free cheese.

5.Add potatoes

6.Fold tortilla

7.Flip tortilla and let sautés for one minute



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