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Banana Leaf Modern Thai

Imagine going to Thailand and being surrounded by plush greenery. You step into the area and there is nothing but the most beautiful, vibrant foliage as far as the eye can see. As you glance to your right you notice a clearing so you decide to go there and sit. Approaching the clearing, a rock comes into view, perfect for sitting upon. You sit and realize there’s a bubbling fountain nearby. Closing your eyes you deeply inhale and take all of this splendid atmosphere in. The setting that I’ve just described is possible right here in the US, in Mason, Ohio. If you go to Banana Leaf Modern Thai restaurant you’ll be transported to Thailand in the blink of an eye. The restaurateurs have managed to take a little piece of Thailand and transport it, for all to enjoy. You’ll find a beautiful fountain, a short walking path, and layers of foliage right outside the establishment. There’s lots of seating there which allows you to soak in the scenery. If you prefer to eat inside you’ll be pleased to find an intimate setting in which to delight in your food. There are lots of beautiful pictures on the walls for the eyes to feast upon. The color scheme is one of rich yet muted reds and greens, and there is also plant life at the tables. All of this contributes to create an atmosphere that feels immensely comfy! And delight you will, because the food is fresh, hot, and comes extremely quickly. Not to mention that the staff is friendly and full of smiles. Although the restaurant was relatively full when we arrived we were seating promptly. All in all it was a great dining experience!  

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