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In a World Full of Scrooges Be a Bob Cratchit

What films do you and your loved ones watch for Christmas? My family's tradition is to watch Scrooge. It’s one of my all time favorite films. One of the things that really pulls me in is the polarity between Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit. Upon watching this classic film you really get a chance to see the power of personal choice and how the choices you make shape your life. One man, Scrooge, chose to let money be the underlying and ruling entity of his life. The other guy, Bob Cratchit, chose to let love be the driving force of his actions. While choosing money as the Ultimate did gain Scrooge enough to be a multi-millionaire by today’s standards, he had little in terms of life’s richness. Take a look at just one facet of Scrooge's life, his eating. He goes to eat at a restaurant, alone, and wishes he had more bread, so he asks for it. The waitperson tells Scrooge the bread will cost extra. Ebenezer is so cheap that he refuses to buy the bread, even though he has plenty of money to pay for it. Now take a glimpse into the Cratchit family life. The Cratchit brood can’t afford a huge feast, but they pay as much as they can, more than they would under ordinary circumstances, in order to really be in the spirit of the season. Not only that, they gather around and take joy in the meal and in one another. Scrooge is mean, no matter if he has five thousand or a five pence. Cratchit is kind, no matter if he has to warm his hands with a single candle, or if he has enough for a large goose. It’s all in what you choose to hold dear. Which one are you, Bob or Scrooge? Better yet, which one do you CHOOSE to be? 

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