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Sally Hansen Insta Dri Polish

Sally Hansen has been around for as long as any of us can remember. The brand has such a long standing history, and is constantly changing and adapting to fit the times. Sally Hansen also changes to adopt new nail technologies. Given all this I thought I’d try out their new Insta Dri nail polish.  

The Insta Dri line is newer and includes fun colors. Given that I’m prone to loving bright colors and they usually look great on nails, no matter the length, I thought I’d try out one of Sally Hansen’s Uber bright, almost neon colors called sonic bloom. Upon first glance at opening the bottle I could tell it might be a feat because the brush was rather wide. As I started to paint my nails I saw that I had difficult maneuvers ahead. Not only was the brush very wide, the polish is extremely liquified, resulting in its being prone to a lot of dripping. And it also had the nerve to be streaky. Given all this, it took me almost three times the normal time it usually takes me to paint my nails, as I was trying not to ruin my counters or floor, yet still make sure my nails came out opaque and decent looking. I will say this though, my nails did dry extremely fast. I was back to handling food and things in record time. Because of the other issues I had with the polish I can’t say I recommend it. Actually, I’m starting to think I’m not a Sally girl. Let me know your experiences with Sally Hansen products on social media or the blog comments and/or chat. Happy painting, warriors! 

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