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The Power of Choice

I was recently walking with one of my friends and he suddenly stopped and told me “I’ve learned so many things from you. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from you is that I can choose. That I have a choice.” What he was speaking of was one of the greatest ideologies that I hold and always have held: that we all have choices. When life starts to bear down on you it really can feel like you don’t have much power in terms of how your life turns out, like you don’t have much choice. But I’m here to tell you that whatever you don’t like in your life, whatever you want to change, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO! It’s all about choices, knowing that no matter the circumstances, no matter what is happening, YOU have freedom of choice. It may seem like an oversimplified concept, but it truly isn’t. Shifting from poverty (of the mind) to power is a matter of choice. You don’t like who’s around you in your environment? Choose to change it. You don’t like how much money you make? Choose to change it. Life can throw you curveball after curveball; there is no doubt in that. But the key lies in how you choose to catch the ball. Not the weight of the ball, how fast the ball comes at you, or even the weather around you and the ball. It’s all in the catching of the ball itself. How will you catch the next curveball life throws you?  

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