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How To Create the Perfect DIY Home Spa

Well, it’s here… We are officially in the thicket of winter. It’s the time of year when you wish spring was here and you are on the edge of being so utterly sick of the cold weather that you want to scream… right at the groundhog, who saw his shadow, of course. You know what we warriors need right about now? A SPA DAY! So, why not create a wonderful spa experience right at home? Let’s go over all the essentials you’ll need to take your mind off of the icky weather and just life in general. That’s right ladies, it’s time for some spa self care! Let’s set the scene: first, grab your favorite candles and/or plug in and go ahead and fire it up. This will create a nice, soothing atmosphere where you can center yourself. Candles also act as tools of concentration. Sometimes it can be difficult to shift your mind to yourself, or even one focal point, if you’ve been multi-tasking, like we women do so very often in life. Utilize the candles for concentration, gaze into it to bring yourself into this special self care moment that you’re creating. 

Next, you’ll need a great sponge. I prefer the fluffy kind. I imagine cleopatra had the same kind when she was luxuriating in her milk baths. Make sure you get a sponge made of natural materials, so it doesn’t irritate your skin. You’ll also need some buddies; because what is spa time without a special friend? Pull out those rubber duckies gals!

Now it’s time to get down to business. The business of skin care, that is. You guessed it, it’s time for some exfoliation. Sloughing off old, dead skin cells is really one of the main objectives here. So you’ll definitely be wanting the best exfoliator gloves in the world from The Body Shop. Their gloves are super thick but well textured, to maximize on really pulling those dead cells away, gently. 

Facetime! Grab your favorite facial scrub and have at it. My current fav is Alba pineapple scrub. 

This little gem uses the natural alpha hydroxy acids from fruit to gently and effectively cleanse the skin. Next up is your face mask. The Eternal Women staff is currently crushing on, Fresh, rose face mask. 

We were originally blown away by the sample sized little guy from Memoirs of a Geisha beauty set, then once we ran out of that we found its equivalent by Fresh. When I tell you it gets. out. the. gunk. Oh my! You won’t know how you survived without it. 

Once you’re out of the tub you’ll want to spray yourself down with the ultra nourishing Evian mineral spray. 

This facial spray will remineralize the skin; feeding it vital goodness that it needs.  That’s it gals. Have at it! Take some time to yourself, for yourself. Enjoy!  

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