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Popcorn is the Perfect Winter Snack

It’s cold outside and you’re stuck indoors, but you want a scrumptious snack. What do you choose? Popcorn, of course! These days everyone usually just buys microwave popcorn from the grocery store because it’s really quick to make. You just throw it in the microwave and you’ve got a nice snack, right? WRONG! There are actually few things in this world as harmful and unhealthy as microwave popcorn; from the lack of whole, nutritious grains, to the toxins in the bag itself, microwave popcorn is a disaster. On cold winter nights, when you want to curl up and watch your favorite show, one of the healthiest and best shacks is good old, homemade popcorn. Actually, it’s not as difficult to make from scratch as people think. All you need is: One cup of popcorn two tablespoons of olive oil sea salt-to taste (and my personal favorite) one tablespoon melted Earth Balance vegan butter 

Simply pour the popcorn kernels into the pot, cover with olive oil, pour into a bowl, sprinkle sea salt, and melted Earth Balance vegan butter, and you’re ready for showtime or snuggle time! All the prep and cooking only takes about ten minutes total, so why not enjoy a little, nutritious snack, instead of harmful microwave junk. 

Happy snacking warriors! 

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