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Fat Tuesday and Pancake Day

Good day Warriors!

Today is both Fat Tuesday and pancake day. I couldn't just let the day go by without honoring both! So, in an effort to pay respects of tons of fun to both holidays I've combined the holidays into one nutritious feast. That's right, I'm celebrating by still not derailing my efforts. While it is great to have cheat days and such, it's also important to not make oneself sick in the process, or over-indulge. There's nothing wrong with celebrating, but even celebrating can be done in moderation, and as an effort of good health. 

To help me in the party I've made a delicious meal of chocolate pancakes by a company called Kodiak Cakes. Kodiak produces mouthwatering flapjacks that are also whole grain. How awesome is that! The chocolate flavor isn't overpowering, and their products are good for days when you need to satisfy that sweet tooth as well.

I've accompanied the chocolate morsels with cage free, organic eggs, Go Veggie cheese, that's free of any and all animal products and safe for those like myself who have milk intolerance and allergies, onions, pears, turkey bacon, and real maple syrup. Instead of pouring the syrup over the pancakes as is custom, I pour out small amounts so that I can keep track of portions while still enjoying. I've topped it all off with some Powerade. Voila! A celebratory yet healthy meal.

What are you doing to healthfully enjoy today? Feel free to post in the blog comments and across all social media and share today's feasts with us!

Happy Fat Tuesday and pancake day Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator

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