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Fashion Goes Political

Fashion Goes Political

This season of NYFW (New York fashion week) marks the first time fashion has truly gotten political. While fashion has sometimes been an acutely debated topic for those holding political offices, it has never in its history, clearly made a political stance. One could site the burning of bras, or even the shedding of bras, use of fans as signals, and the like as times where fashion may have gone politico. But, these instances didn't clearly state a definitive political viewpoint. 

Dress has been utilized, speculated over, and debated about in times past. However, when those hot topics were batted around it was largely due to fashion not having a definitive view. There was more of an are they? Or aren't they? conversation happening pertaining to costume. 

This season the Council of Fashion Designers of America(CFDA) are making their views clear and taking a political stance. Planned Parenthood magenta colored buttons that read “Fashion stands with Planned Parenthood” are being handed out at NYFW events and shows. The eye-catching buttons are showing up all over, on shirts, bags, and even coats. The Creative Group at Condé Nast designed the strategically placed buttons and over 40 brands, designers, and industry insiders have signed up for the campaign.

The CFDA is taking this moment to make it known who and what they support, and ushering in a new moment in fashion history!

Later Warriors,

The Glamour Gladiator

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