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Election Day 2016

Hi Warriors,

Today is SUCH an important day in American history. It's Election Day! Each and every Election Day is vastly important in the USA because it's the day we get to exercise our right to have a say in our government. Utilizing your right for democratic usage is practically vital. Our ancestors literally died for the right to do just what we can today: VOTE!

In honor of today AND the fact that I have the right in the first time in American history to vote for a female candidate of a major party, I decided to dress up to go vote and help out in my city and at the polls. I wore red, white, and blue and my new what I call 'American colors' scarf from Rue 21 and MAC classic blue-red lipstick Ruby Woo. I figured today is a classic day for voting in that I can vote for a woman so why not celebrate that! And of course I wore my crown and sash! 

Have a great day Warriors! 

-The Glamour Gladiator 

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