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Best Looks of the Emmys

I am so happy to say that there was so much drama at this years Emmys. Not from the television shows, from the fashion baby! Here are my top picks from the 2016 Emmys:

Taraji P Henson

Can we just begin by talking about the monogrammed clutch? I'm gonna need her to teach the world that self promotion should be shameless. Come through customized self promotion bag! Yas! Next let's just give five ballerina nails out of five for effort as far as color. Then let's move right along to that nude lippie and smoldering look in her eyes. It's official, Taraji and Vera Wang worked this here out!

Next up we have Queen Denaerys. I just refuse to call her anythin else. She simply rocks as far as her acting and portrayal of the best queen on tv in ever, okay.

Sarah Hyland in Monique Lhuillier is getting major love from me with this ensemble. This peplum, corset, hi-low, pant get up gets five ballerina nails just for sheer nerve. You go Glenn Coco. Also, have you seen her nails and finery? Oh, well, let me introduce them to you...

Fashion warriors this is Sarah Hyland in all her nail and jewelry glory. Sarah Hyland metallic manicure of the Gods and no one can really take it over-sized rings, these are the fashion gladiators.

Miss Carly Chaikin has herself a new supporter. I'm not even gonna lie-I have no idea who this lady is or even who she's wearing but let me tell you this: SHE BROUGHT IT! I'm so enthralled that now I'll go and find out who this woman is AND her zodiac sign. Believe me when I tell you she did not hold back on the sizzle factor. Baaaaaaby that sheer combined with that lace, with those legs, and kabaam! That is all.

I'm going to need the entire world, okay, ENTIRE world to acknowledge that Kerry Washington might be the cutest and best dressed pregnant woman in all of herstory. I'll wait... That didn't take long. Kerry also gets extra claps for donning natural uninhibited curls on the red carpet.

Emily Ratajkowski in do we really even care cause she looks Ridic in this. Okay, she's wearing Zac Posen. Both he and she and whoever was her makeup artist SLAYED it. That blue popping on the eyes. I just can't. I have no more words.

I just want to know why more people don't spout on and on about this woman. I just don't get it. She does not play with the gym, she's one of the best actresses out there, and her career has spanned decades. Not to mention she can dress like no other. Regina King looked beyond elegant at this years Emmys, hands down, and flat out.

As far as Miss Nash goes I have one word to say, okay two: BODY BABY. And I move on down the style street to...

Kristen Bell

In Zuhair Murad. Kristen just gets ballerina nails for doing fall florals in an outstanding way. NEVERMIND the serious chic volume of her dress, or the plunging neckline. 

Lastly we have Sophia Vergara's jewelry and all the women get better with age, didn't you know that silly, er, ness. 

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