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Style Fashion Week New York

I'm sure if you're an avid lover of fashion you know that the world of dress is changing. Actually, costume is in the most profound revolution that may have ever been, and it's happening at this very moment. WE are the change that's taking place. That's right, I said it.

The consumer, the consummate dresser, the fashionista,, WE are the reason for this sudden shift of style. Due to the rapid shift in the world due to what now rules it, social media, the entire fashion world has erupted. Suddenly brands are doing things for little ole' us. Some of you may have thought that those who are always chic have always done things tailored for the consumer, but alas, that was not the case. Before fashion was for the elite. But today my friends, la mode is changing. 

Now we are at the helm and in the audience. Social media and the Internet has created a space where the individual counts. Before we clamoured to see who's at every party and front row because that was the only way we could see any part of the fashion world. Now we ache for everyone to see the front row because we might actually have a chance to be seated there.

Enter Style Fashion Week NY and LA. Enter an entity that might be single handedly changing the game. Style Fashion Week (SFW) dares to include those who create media. Not just the editors, the bloggers too, the people. You may be saying "Yeah but bloggers have been getting into NYFW." That's true, but not to the degree that is happening in this regard. Now the game is changing because independent designers are branching out, yet arranged in large venues. Now there's another red carpet to be had outside of the regular NYFW. This my friends, is the fashion revolution. This is Style Fashion Week.

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